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Mark Eitel

aka Mr. Mortgage

Florida native born and raised. I grew up surfing, fishing, 4 wheeling and squeezing every drop of fun out of our long Florida days.

I was lucky enough to have a father and stepfather who both loved boating and fishing. One had me on Lake O and the other running over to the Bahamas. Growing up here was a blast. I learned to run a boat way before I could drive a car.

My grandfather introduced me to real estate from an early age. He was a custom home builder throughout South Florida. I’ve got pictures of me as a toddler with a hardhat on and hammer in hand.
He also bought me my first motorcycle. Does anyone remember Hodaka? I still ride today. We get out for a ride most weekends and do most fundraisers and toy runs.

Back to Gramps; I learned a lot about business from him too. He taught simple but profound lessons. One was the Publix test. He said if you see a client in Publix and they look you right in the eyes, smile and shake your hand, you’ve done it right. If they smile and nod from a distance, you could have done it better. If they glance at you, look away and pretend they didn’t see you, well you F’d that one up. I never saw anything but smiles and handshakes when I was with him at Publix. I strive for smiles and handshakes too!

Oh yeah, I originate mortgages. I first jumped in back in 1999 I became licensed and worked for a brokerage in Wellington. I’ve seen a lot since then and have worked with some amazing people. I’ve been blessed to have clients who’ve become friends and friends who’ve become clients.
I geek out on loan program guidelines and interest rates. I like to find a way to make it happen.

So, If you have any mortgage questions, want to ride, know of a good open mic night, or car show, please touch base!



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